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Ears & Teeth

Hear no evil, speak no evil – jumbo ears and vampire fangs!

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  • Dracula Teeth Gelatine


    Container with 4 x single use gelatine fangs. Easy to use with instructions provided. Made in Germany.

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  • Ears Devil Horns


    Black and red coloured Devil horns attached to a black elastic for ease of wearing.

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  • Ears Elf Brown


    Brown latex elf ears.

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  • Ears Elf Flesh


    Flesh coloured Elf ears.

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  • Ears Elf Green


    Green elf soft skin ears.

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  • Ears Elf Red


    Soft skin red elf ears.

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  • Ears Elf Tips


    Elf ear tips in flesh colour.

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  • Ears Giant Flesh


    Oversized giant flesh coloured latex ears.

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  • Ears Shrek


    Latex Shrek ears which stick on with double sided tape.

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  • Fantom Fangs


    These are the newest imported product out! Fantom fangs. Vampire individual fangs.

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  • PVC Jumbo Ears


    Jumbo ‘Prince Charles’ styled ears on headband. Perfect for your Royal themed party.

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  • Scarecrow Deluxe Vampire Fangs Classic


    Scarecrow brand imported ‘CLASSIC’ style deluxe Vampire fangs. Custom fit your own set of fangs. Contains – Fang caps, dental…

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