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John Lennon specs or out there Elton John frames -find your glasses here.

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  • glasses50sdiamante

    Glasses 50s Diamante Coloured


    50s catseye glasses with diamantes. Available in black, red, yellow, pink, purple and blue.

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  • gl8814

    Glasses Adult Waldo


    Adult Waldo black glasses with lens.

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  • gl4065

    Glasses Aviator


    Aviator reflective glasses. A great addition to your Top Gun styled costume.

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  • glassesbrnGOLD

    Glasses Aviator Brown Gold


    Aviator glasses with a brown gold frame and silver lens.

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  • 1051av

    Glasses Aviator Silver Mirror


    Silver mirror aviator glasses.

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  • N8638bwglasses

    Glasses Black and White Check


    Black and white check retro glasses. Groovy!

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  • NL1572

    Glasses Blues Brothers Wayfarers


    Blues Brothers style sunglass black wayfarers.

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  • np1042

    Glasses Clarke Kent


    Black rimmed Clarke Kent style glasses.

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  • IMG_0225

    Glasses Dame Edna


    Dame Edna styled black flamboyant diamante glasses.

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  • GL6716g

    Glasses Elvis Gold


    Elvis style glasses in gold.

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  • zg717

    Glasses Elvis Silver


    Elvis styled glasses in silver. Also available in gold.

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  • ZG303gangsterglasses

    Glasses Gangster


    Gangster glasses in black.

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