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Character Accessories

Don’t want a full fancy dress costume – this is your section.

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  • CA2027

    50s Flick Comb


    50s flick pocket comb- Grease.

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    Archery Large Set


    Large bo and arrow archery set. Also has a wee dagger included.

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  • co2008

    Aviator Cap and Goggles Set


    Aviator flight cap and goggles set. Steampunk pieces.

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  • n3012

    Beads Chunky White Necklace


    Chunky white bead necklace.

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  • BOWAbownadarrowset

    Bo and Arrow Set


    Bo and arrow set that will make you like a Robin Hood character and Medieval hunter.

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  • par126

    Boobs Chest


    Have a set or not, the choice is yours. Always fun for everyone.

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  • CA3224BL

    Braces Navy Blue


    Navy blue braces.

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  • n8972

    Bridal Veil


    Traditional white bridal veil.

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    Bullet Belt


    Costume accessory long bullet belt. Mexican, army military, camo themes.

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  • PRD058pinktandard

    Bunny Ears Set Standard Pink and Black


    Bunny girl accessory set including ears,tail,bow tie and cuffs.

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  • CaneDragonN8504

    Cane Dragon Handle


    Dragon handle cane.

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  • PL_retail_pic_July_004

    Caveman Club


    Plastic brown caveman club.

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