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Gun slingers and saloon madams galore.

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  • americanIndian

    American Indian

    Indian Chief outfit including long sleeve top and pants with fringing. Accessories that can be added to this include bone…

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  • 107

    Annie Oakley

    Annie Oakley was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter which led to a role in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show….

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  • big indian chief

    Big Indian Chief

    Mens top and pants with loin cloth detail in a tan colour made of suede-like material with fringing and braiding….

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  • chaps black and white set

    Chaps Black And White Set

    Very cute black and white cow-print chaps for women with matching waistcoat, scarf and cowboy hat.

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  • chaps brown and cream set

    Chaps Brown And Cream Set

    Brown large cow print chaps, waistcoat and wristbands with fringing. Perfect with cowboy hat and rifle for cowgirl Annie Oakley.

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  • clinteastwoodponcho

    Clint Eastwood

    Mexican red, white and black Mexican poncho, blue denim shirt, hat,western waistcoat and accessories. Dress as Clint Eastwood for your…

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  • cowboy black shirt

    Cowboy Black Shirt

    Round them up for the party in this  American black cowboy shirt with white binding trim. Add a  holster, guns,…

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  • cowboy leather vest black chaps

    Cowboy Leather Vest Black Chaps

    Cowboy ensemble made up of denim shirt, brown leather vest, black tassled chaps, red bandana and cowboy hat. Works wonderfuly…

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  • cowboy stars n Stripes shirt

    Cowboy Stars and Stripes Shirt

    Imported from the U.S.A this red, white and blue stars and stripes shirt has been a real favourite for the…

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  • DollyPartonDenimSet

    Dolly Parton Denim Set

    Dolly Parton denim beaded jacket and matching long panelled skirt. Add the character Dolly wig, belt, boots and cowgirl hat….

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  • highway man

    Highway Man

    Highway man costume including long black coat, burgundy patterned waistcoat, either black or white shirt, black pants and cowboy hat.

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  • Highway_Man_Burgundy_Madame

    Highway Man and Saloon Madam

    A real western themed team with the Highway Man complete costume and the burgundy bustled skirt and corset Madam set….

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