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Western Accessories

Outback West essential bling and weaponry.

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  • zc890

    Badge and Neck Tie Western Sheriff Set


    Western character set consisting of a silver sheriff badge and silver bull horn neck tie.

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  • n2966

    Badge Silver Sheriff


    Silver Sheriff badge that slides on. Great for Western parties.

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  • c1678

    Badge Silver Sheriff


    Silver metal Sheriff badge.

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  • BOWAbownadarrowset

    Bo and Arrow Set


    Bo and arrow set that will make you like a Robin Hood character and Medieval hunter.

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    Bullet Belt


    Costume accessory long bullet belt. Mexican, army military, camo themes.

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  • fkcbg

    Cowboy Handgun


    Western accessory cowboy handgun.

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  • n44569

    Cowboy Spurs Set


    Western cowboy spurs set.

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  • garterblkZL601

    Garter Black


    Black satin garter with black lace trim.

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  • gunGDCR

    Gun Die Cast Cap Revolver


    Die cast cap revolver gun.

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  • gunGDCWR

    Gun Die Cast Cap Western Revolver


    Die cast cap western revolver gun.

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    Gun Double Barrel Shotgun


    Battery operated pump double barrel shotgun that ejects shells, complete with smoking barrels and sounds.

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  • GCRrepeaterwinchesterrifle

    Gun Repeater Rifle


    Repeater 8 shot Winchester Rifle. Impress the crowd with your big rifle.

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