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Halloween Accessories

All things that will make you jump in the dark of the night!

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  • Apron With Bloody Prints


    White apron with red bloody hand and foot prints.

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  • Battle Axe


    This is a double edged battle axe on a long handle.

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  • Bleeding Chainsaw Prop


    For all the diehard horror movie fans out there -a bleeding chainsaw prop. 45cm

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  • Bleeding Dagger


    This knife gives the appearance of dripping blood. A great accessory to complete your Halloween costume.

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  • Blood Fake


    Tube of red fake blood. Make a movie or set the scene for a spooky party in Halloween costume.

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  • Blood Fake Wounds


  • Blood Splatter Pump Bottle


    Blood splatter pump bottle 30ml. Great for some Halloween or horror costume party fun.

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  • Blood Splattered Tights


    Thigh high white with red blood splatters.

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  • Blood Spray


    Blood spray. 59.1ml Halloween must have!

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  • Blood Vampire


    Tube of red vampire fake blood. Add some teeth to complete the look.

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  • Bloody Saw


    A bloodied saw to complete your Halloween costume.

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  • Body Art Glow in the Dark


    Glow in the Dark Body Art 45ml jar.

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