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Character Wigs

Exactly the right character wig you are looking for.

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  • nw6567

    Marissa Curls Blue and Green


    Striking blue and green Marissa curls character wig.

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  • ss7522

    Mrs Santa Wig


    White Mrs Santa character wig.

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  • ss7520

    Santa Wig and Beard


    White Christmas Santa wig and beard set.

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  • WigNZ70711AbigailBlonde

    Wig Abigail


    Abigail blonde long plaits wig with red ribbons.Great for an Oktoberfest character costume.

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  • 77155

    Wig Afro Light Pink Fro Factor 5


    Light pink afro fro factor 5.

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  • nw6654

    Wig Anchor Man Brown


    Brown Anchor man swept fringe wig.

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  • NW7343

    Wig Anna Plaits


    Frozen character Anna auburn plait wig.

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  • JW569J

    Wig Bob Deluxe Black


    Classic black deluxe bob wig.

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  • NW6567BK

    Wig Bob Paige Black


    Black Paige bob shaped wig.

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  • poppybrownnz60658

    Wig Bob Poppy Brown


    Brown Poppy character bob wig.

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  • poppypinknz658pp

    Wig Bob Poppy Pale Pink


    Pale pink Poppy bob wig.

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  • nz658whraw

    Wig Bob Poppy White


    White Poppy character bob wig.

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