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All sorts of styles of uniform costumes.

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  • Astronaut-White-CC

    Astronaut White Jumpsuit

    A small step for man…. What a great costume for anyone who has ever dreamed of flying to the moon….

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  • BunnyGirlBlackMinidress

    Bunny Girl Black Minidress

    Black bunny girl minidress with white fur trim. The costume is completed with a white bunny tail, cuffs, collar and…

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  • BunnyGirlPinkMinidress

    Bunny Girl Pink Minidress

    Pink bunny girl minidress with white fur trim. Bunny ears, cuffs, collar and tail complete the costume.

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  • bunnyGirlTails

    Bunny Girl Tails Jacket

    Always wanted to be a bunny girl from the Playboy mansion? This costume can work with either the black leotard…

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  • Chef


    Cook up a storm as the Chef. A fun character to play as Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen, or the…

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  • FireGirlMinidress

    Fire Girl Minidress

    Put out the fire, or light someones fire, in this fun fire girl minidress costume. Add a fire chief hat…

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  • Aut_0653

    Flight Attendant Floral Set

    Great for a uniform theme or Kiwiana retro look, a female matching patterned shirt and skirt costume set. Add a…

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  • Aut_0655

    Flight Attendant Male Suit

    Jacket, pants, shirt, patterned waistcoat and tie comprise the male flight attendant costume. Great for a Kiwiana themed party or…

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  • Flight_Attendent_Navy_Set_Female

    Flight Attendant Navy Set Female

    Navy blue jacket and fitted ladies skirt with shirt and neck scarf. Add some pantihose and comfortable shoes!

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  • FlightAttendantPVCMinidress

    Flight Attendant PVC Dress

    Flight attendant black PVC minidress with white stripes with a long tassled white PVC neckscarf. Add some fishnets to complete…

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  • Aut_0654

    Flight Attendant White Shirt

    Female flight attendant in a patterned skirt and white fitted shirt with gold buttons. Add a jacket and neck scarf…

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  • 056_G

    Graduate Robe

    Top honours for the graduate with long robe and shoulder piece. Throw your graduate cap high!

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