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Pirates and Wenches

Talk like a pirate -dress up like a pirate -Ahaa!

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  • PT132PirateBluWHiteW

    Blue and White Pirate Male

    Blue and white pirate set with vest, shirt, trousers and sash. Add a cutlass and matching headscarf to complete your look.

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  • PT133BrnPirateW

    Brown Male Pirate

    Brown pirate outfit with tunic, shirt, trousers, sash and belt. Add boots and a cutlass to complete your outfit.

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  • BrownPirateCaptain

    Brown Pirate Captain

    Classy brown pirate long line jacket with gold buttons and matching pirate pants. Add some pirate accessories for a great…

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  • captainhook

    Captain Hook

    By hook or by crook. Captain Hook makes the ultimate pirate costume character. Add some accessories and pirate boots. 

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  • captainhook_hooker

    Captain Hook & Hooker

    Get hooked on these great pirate couples costumes. Captain Hook and Miss Hooker. Boots and hooks will complete the look.

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  • CR377jacksparrow

    Captain Jack Sparrow Deluxe

    Captain Jack Sparrow costume includes black jacket with gold trims, white pirate shirt, black pants, sash, hat.

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  • Davey_Jones

    Davy Jones

    This Davy Jones costume includes a latex squid mask and crab claw hand piece. A popular costume for Pirates of…

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  • CR527ElizabethSwanW

    Elizabeth Swann Dress

    Elizabeth Swann dress set, from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Comes with matching petticoat. Add a fan to complete your look.

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  • Pirate_Red_Gold_Male

    Pirate Captain

    Sail the rough seas in this Pirate Captain costume. Jacket, shirt, pants, wig and hat combine with pirate accessories to…

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  • Black_Pirate_Jacket

    Pirate Captain Black Velvet Jacket

    Old Black Beard himself would look twice. Get noticed in this smart pirate jacket ensemble. Also works well for a…

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  • RedPirateCaptain

    Pirate Captain Red Jacket

    Handsome red pirate Captains jacket and black pants. Add a shirt, sash, neck ruffle and some pirate accessories. 

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  • PT128BurgPirateW

    Pirate Girl Burgundy Jacket

    Burgundy pirate jacket with satin pants. Add a hat, a cutlass, and some gold jewellery to complete your look.

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