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Take a tommy gun, a gangster gal and party like a Gatsby great.

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  • blkwhitestripe20sdress

    20s Black & White Pinstripe Dress

    1920s black and white pinstripe drop waisted pleat skirt dress. This is a very smart looking costume that is a…

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  • clydeblkwhitestripe

    20s Black and White Pinstripe Suit

    Black and white mens pinstripe Clyde gangster suit jacket and pants. Add a tie, braces and hat. Team up with…

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  • blackfringeflapper

    20s Black Fringed Flapper

    Black fully fringed flapper dress perfect for a 1920s themed party.Great for the character Roxy from Chicago. Add a feather…

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  • BlackPinstripeSuit

    20s Black Pinstripe Double Breasted Suit

    These are very handsome doubled breasted black pinstripe suit jacket and pant sets. Add all the gangster accessories – braces,…

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  • blackGangster

    20s Black Pinstripe Gangster Suit

    The classic black pinstripe gangster mens suit. Add the shirt, tie and braces colour combination of your choice and add…

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  • Cream_pinstripe_suit

    20s Cream Pinstripe Gangster Suit

    The cream pinstripe is a different look to the usual black and white gangster suit. Add a coloured shirt and…

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  • img8314

    20s Gangster Girl

    Mini skirt and crop top gangster girl in black with a fine white pinstripe. Grab a gangster guy and go…

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  • bonnieredwhitestripe

    20s Red Stripe Bonnie Suit

    Red and white pinstripe Bonnie character costume suit jacket and pants. Add a hand gun and character wig. Team up…

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  • whiteGangster

    20s White Pinstripe Gangster Suit

    Be different! This white pinstripe mens gangster suit will set you apart from all the other gangsters at the gathering….

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  • TW050bonnie

    Bonnie Pinstripe Gangster Suit

    Bonnie Gangster suit of black and white pinstripe jacket, skirt and beret styled hat. Add a character wig and a…

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