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  • CR378batgirlsleeves

    Bat Girl Jumpsuit

    Black bat girl jumpsuit with attached wings and headgear.

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  • catlycra098

    Black Cat

    Lycra black cat jumpsuit with attached tail and headgear. Add some cats whiskers and facepaint to create your cat features.

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  • BuzzyBee

    Buzzy Bee

    Classic Kiwi icon Buzzy Bee costume. Separate pants, top and headgear. Comes with the four circular Bee wheels ….just like…

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  • BuzzyBeeGirlCR339

    Buzzy Bee Minidress

    Yellow and black striped Buzzy Bee minidress with halter top and collar. Add a set of Buzzy Bee wings and…

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  • Cat_in_the_Hat_Adult

    Cat in the Hat

    The Cat in the Hat is back. Loved by all with the twists and turns of his prose, this costume…

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  • PRD306

    Cheshire Cat

    Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat onesie character.

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  • Chicken


    Chicken jumpsuit with latex headgear. We have a couple of these available so you could be double trouble arriving at…

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  • AN080chicken

    Chicken Feathered

    Feathered fabric chicken jumpsuit with headgear, leggings and feet covers.

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  • chicken062

    Chicken Jumpsuit

    Chicken jumpsuit with full headgear, hands and feet. Add some coloured pantihose to complete the costume.

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  • AN078cow

    Cow Black and White

    Black and white cow jumpsuit with pink satin udders, headgear and tail to swish!

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  • Daisy_Duck

    Daisy Duck

    Daisy full bodied jumpsuit with headgear. Team up with Goofy or Mickey Mouse as a Disney themed couple.

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  • Dinosaur


    Prehistoric dinosaur full body jumpsuit with attached headgear. An easy to wear costume for a parade or book character day….

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